Below is some of the equipment that we use here at our facility


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Bands are used in the bench press to develop speed, they are also used to develop speed in the squat and the dead lift. Bands are used in stretching for flexibility as well.


The Bands

Below is the Glute Ham Machine. We probably should have had this machine in our place a while ago.While strengthening your lower back and hamstrings this machine will make your lower body more explosive and powerful. Will provide your lower body with a lot of pop. 

The Glute Ham Machine

Chains are used in the bench press for speed and explosion, they are also used in the squat for the same purpose as in the bench press. They are also used in the dead lift for speed and explosion . Chains are also used in dragging and are used in a variety of other exercises. 

Chains for Bench,Squats, Dead Lift etc.
The Fat Bar for Bench Pressing

 We call this the Fat Bar. It is a 52lb bar that is used in our facility to increase strength in the Bench Press. It also strengthens your triceps and develops your Lats. It helps you to control the weight better because of the unorthodox grip because of the size of the bar. It is an outstanding change of pace when working on the bench.



The Jammer is the ultimate football machine for power and explosion. It is the the ultimate machine for hip and full body extension explosion. In addition this machine can also work the lats which are used in the bench press. This is an outstanding football machine. THE JAMMER! 

The Jammer
Leg Press used for Upper Body

Above is a Leg Press Machine. However it is used  here with us to build total upper body strength. It delivers excellent results. For explanation on how this machine is used for upper body strength don't hesitate to contact us.