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For you High School Student Athletes this is probably the most important page on this entire site. Why? because if you don't have academics you cannot play and if you cannot play there is no reason to be on this page. Right? I have written a book that every high school student should have. The High School Student College Eligibility Guide. In it, it has everything you need to know about going to college on a scholarship or financial aid.

Your academic clock for college eligibility starts as soon as you enter the 9th grade. There are a few things that you should know if you are a freshman,sophomore,junior or senior. If you don't know the following information, I suggest you get in gear and find out what you need to know about securing your future to be eligible to play collegiate sports. Better yet buy the book. Here are a few do you knows:


Do you know that you should take the PSAT when you are a sophomore?

Do you even know what the PSAT is?

If you are a junior or senior have you taken the SAT yet?

If yes how many times? If no why not?

Do you know what the ACT test is?

Do you know the difference between the SAT and the ACT test is? Hmmm!

Do you know they carry the same weight when it comes to getting into college?

Do you know how many times each is offered?

Did you know you can take these tests as many times as offered?

Do you know that colleges take your highest score from your tests? (This means that they do not take

the average of all of your test, just the highest score from each test).

Do you know about the Fee Waiver for each of these tests?

Do you even know what a Fee Waiver is?

Do you know where to get a Fee Waiver?

Do you know what your GPA is? If you don't then you have a problem.

Do you know what a CORE course is?



Depending when you are reading this and you are a senior you have a slim chance of getting into college at any level.  You have a lot a work to do if you can't answer most of those questions above. If you are a junior you have a chance of getting to that next level only if your previous two years grades are pretty good. If you are sophomore or freshman and you are smart enough to be reading this page and are mature enough to understand that your academic clock is ticking away, you have a good chance of getting to that next level. Those who are not fortunate to be reading this page and have not done a thing to secure their future academically are probably in bad shape. This does not mean that they don't have a chance to get into school it just means either they are going to have a very difficult time of it because of the lack of knowledge and guidance on their part or they are just waiting for something to just happen. The only thing that usually happens is nothing!


Let me finish by saying this. Your future in your hands now, you are not kids anymore. If you are of college age it is YOUR responsibility to start securing your future. not Mommy, not Daddy, not your teachers, not your guidance counselors, not your coaches. YOURS. These people can only take you so far in that quest. If you don't take matters into your own hands, YOU  are the one who will suffer, not the aforementioned people, YOU!! If you don't do the academic part you cannot and will not be able to participate in athletics. Its that simple. I always say just DO YOUR JOB! That means in the classroom as well. If you want to compete on the field you must compete in the classroom. DO YOUR JOB!! Oh and by the way get the book. It is the best tool to help you get into college. THE HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETES COLLEGE ELIGIBILITY GUIDE



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