This page is dedicated to our new member who is 6'7 375 and still growing. Up that is not out. He is only 15yrs old and he has a wealth of potential. Myself and the crew are going to bring it out of him and make him one of the best lineman in the country by the class of 2019. I decided to dedicate an entire page to this young man so that we can all see the progress over the next few years as he develops into an elite lineman. He is definitely a project however a project that will be completed in a few years. Looking forward to it. STAY TUNED!!!

Below: BG is doing some footwork drills with the chains. Just checking out the Big Fellas footwork early on. Obviously there is a lot of work to be done
             but as you can see he does have the makings of a good one. Remember he is only 15!!!

Below:  The Big Fella gettin some more footwork in with the chains. He wanted to give up but he kept pushing. The makings of a D1 Tackle.