The following page will display the conditioning drills and different skill sets individual and group that we use to help our athletes get ready for their respective sports. The conditioning drills can be used in any sport and we pride ourselves in getting faster,quicker and more explosive.We will try to keep this portion of our program updated weekly as we have begun our training outside.

Chris,Donnell Ish,Aqeel,Goodwin and Kyle are doing various drills on this hill that is composed of soft dirt and sand.  it is a quite steep hill. It leads to the street at the top of the hill. They have already run six of the hills to the top and now they are doing these drills one after the other up the hill. They have also already done these drills individually now they are doing them collectively. First they will do High knees then verticle leaps,front lunges, side lunges to the right and side lunges to the left. The voice in the background is Mike Fullman (Mike Mike) who played for me and with the University of Nebraska. Led the nation in punt returns in 96 and 97 and started corner for them for two years and was on the 96 National Championship team. His best time in the 40 is 4.28 and at 39 he still can run a 4.4. This is why he is here. He will train them in all phases of running the 40 and just plain overall form. He is the TRUTH!!!!!  Stay tuned for more work.

 Below: the boys are doing more hill work. They are doing agility drills on the hill. Butt Kicks.

This is on the same day as the above video. The Crew is doing starts on the hill learning to come out as low and as hard
as they can and drive. this will help them with there technique when running the actual 40. good S  t!

 Here the crew is doing Butt Kicks up the hill. The terrain is very soft and unforgiving excellent for building Quads and hamstrings