This page is for the honorary members of the crew. These guys work across from us and they inspire the crew with their strength,work ethic and consistency which makes them worthy of becoming a member of the crew. The following videos of these guys are why they are tops in what they do. Hope you enjoy watching these guys as much as i enjoyed filming them

 Below:  is Kote Janashia one of the strongest members in the gym is a straight BEAST. He is only 24yrs old and here even though he has straps its still

                  extremely impressive. Here is deadlifting 765lbs with no belt.  Thats pretty impressive and for a double and with no problem.

Below:  Joe who is the does the strong man stuff lifts a little different than the us and the power lifters. he does lifts that are conducive to his sports and 

              does variations of power lifting. Here he is squatting on one of the boxes using some kind of gadgets he has put on the bar. Nonetheless its    


Below: Honorary member Antony is doing 695lbs on the 1 board. NICE!!!