BELOW:  This is the first recorded workout of the summer. There will be many more workouts of various kinds throughout this summer. Our mission 

                 is to maximize their development for the upcoming season and beyond. I am excited to have this as our new home and we will maximize every

                inch to make our players better. So stay tuned, the best is yet to come!!!

BELOW:  The first day in our new facility and the first reps of the drill and as you can see the Crew is getting acclimated to the footwork required to perform the drill. Their footwork is a little slow and they are not getting the hips around quick enough to be efficient in the drill. In addition, they are not in real good condition and they are dropping passes. Got to show the good with the bad. You can only get better with rep after rep after rep. They'll get better.


BELOW: This is the first day of skill drills in our new facility. They are walking on their footwork and ball catching drills in this particular drill. As they continue to get reps in these drills their footwork will get better along with their ball catching skills and you should see the progress as i add more of this particular drill in the near future. 

 BELOW: Again on the first day  of drills and skill work the Crew is now running some routes in our new facility. We are actually running the routes from the hash mark. They are running slants,outs and shoots. more will be posted as we continue to train.


BELOW: Ibrahim (Ish Mosaad) QB at Valley Forge is performing one of his QB drills on this crisp morning. He has already done many reps of this drill, this is just one of the reps i recorded.

 BELOW: Ibrahim (Ish) Mosaad  Valley Forge doing another quarterback drill. again i just recorded the last rep he has done a ton of these on both sides

Below: The fellas are running the soccer circle. the young fellas, Davion and Adam are first up. This is a good drill and its fun. Check it out/

Below:  This tight cone drills works on the crews, feet, hips and hands. All the things you need to be a good athlete in any sports. This is the Crews first 
              doing this drill, their feet,hips and hands will get better as they continue to work.

Below:  Another good drill for the feet. The zig zag drill. Not too bad but we need to be more consistent catching the football.

Below: Eli is running the circle drill on the opposite side by himself. we have an odd number of the fellas. good speed though.

Below:  The Crew is now running through the bags. The key here is to get the hips around these bags no cuts just hips. Just keep developing good
              hip movement along with the feet.