Well here we go again!! Year Three with the Crew in the program.  The original kids who started with us two years ago are now doing there thing in college. The rest of the crew are doing there thing in high school and we have added some new members of the crew including a couple of outstanding basketball players. SO enjoy the winter video workouts as we will be stepping it up for the upcoming 2016 season. HERE WE GO!!!!! 

Below: The newest member of the Crew Kevin Wyatt JR. from Pittsburgh  He will be attending Milford Academy Prep School in Mass.  He is a beast this is his first day on the bench on max effort day. His max so far is 315lbs. outstanding for the 17yr old. We'll update you later on his new max. Stay tuned. 

Below: Kev. on this day is doing some hop flexor work on the box getting those hips ass and hamstrings stronger. 

Below:  Kev. Jr. is now working on his lower back. He has going to lift kettle bells weighing 42lbs each. He has to keep his legs straight squeeze those kettle bells and stand straight up using only his lower back muscles. This will make his lower back extremely hard and strong. He will definetely  run through people.

                                                                                            When all else fails and things feel hopeless!!

                                                                                                              what do you do

                                                                                                               i'll let you decide