The following are videos of our workouts in 2016. We are well in to our off season workout. i am a little late putting ups the videos. So slowly but surely i will be adding videos for your viewing.  Good luck and keep working. 

Below:  The following videos will be of some of the crew doing some hip flexor work. They are having some trouble getting into the hole when

               doing their squats so i have decided to help them out a little bit by performing hip flexor exercises suspending themselves in the hole. Here

              we go!!  Oh i almost forgot, they have to hold a 40lb kettle bell too.

Below:  Ziq our QB at Edison is the reason we have to do these particular exercise. He has a hard time getting in the hole. He can certainly get low

              but not low enough. So we will continue to work on the hip flexors until we reach the hole. 

Below: Ish (Ibrahim Moosad) our other QB who will be attending Valley Forge gets in the hole pretty good. But you never can get enough work in. 

Below:  I am really proud of this lady below. This is Mo. She is training for the olympics. She trains every day and presently she is ranked  #10 in the 

              nation in the shot. She is leaving for the nationals in Portland Ore. which will be held on saturday  March 12, 2016.  She is preparing for the

             olympics. Good stuff.


Below: Ziq Daniels is working the Hip Flexors on our new Belt Squat Machine.  He is going to be very very explosive in his upcoming Junior year. Two

             plates and holding a kettle bell. 12" Box and removing a pad after three reps each pad.


Below:  Brandon Stout Seton Hill University is working on the box with a 42lb kettle Bell and two plates on our new Belt Squat Machine. He has a workout

              with the Edmonton Eskimos on the 15th of May. His ass will be ready for sure


Below: Brandon is doing his last set of floor presses and he is using 335lbs. Good Job

Below:  Ibrahim (Ish) Mosaad, is working the hip flexors being suspended for a period of time. Some of the fellas were not getting low enough in the

              hole. so I decided to use this exercise to help strengthen the hip flexors. Ish will be taking his talents to Valley Forge in the fall of 2016


Below: Below Ziq Daniels is performing squats with kettle bells. There is 185lbs on the bar plus 42lbs each which is a combined total of  279lbs. The good thi


Below:  Brandon Stout is also doing squats with kettle bells. When the kettle bells hit the floor the weight of the kettle bells is released leaving just

               the weight of the plates. as he explodes up he picks up the weight of the kettle bells up along with the plates.  Good shit.!!!!


                                                                                  If  you are used to being where you are not supposed to be, 

                                                                                      How bout trying being where you are supposed to be

                                                                                             and maybe, just maybe you might achieve the

                                                                                                                    next level!!!