Below: Maureen is doing max effort day in the squat. The bikini model is doing 145lbs. Form is a tad off however she is a bikini model. 

In this video below Maureen and Cami are doing speed squats with a plate. No rest in between sets and they are doing eight sets. Not bad by the ladies. Enjoy the video. 

 Below: is Maureen Okwuonu who is a bikini and physique model oh and an athlete. Maureen has decided to join the crew and train. I guess she was tired of the virtual training she was getting. She was pretty much on her own during here training. Maureen entered her first show this past Saturday and placed in the top 15 which is not bad for her first show. As an athlete she has decided to train with us and still keep her feminine physique which is completely doable based on how we train. She is also committed to putting the kind of work in to get this done. Maureen understands that two days a week will not cut it.  I decided to give her her own page and build her a training page  as she progresses with the crew. Much luck to you Maureen. We expect great things from you. Keep up the good work.

Note: To view full pics of Maureen simply double click on the pic.

I have added two more pics of Mo on her page from her New York Show. She had shoulder surgery in June and is recuperating from the surgery. She will start rehab in August and will rejoin the crew in late August to Mid September where we will continue to strengthen her shoulder and get her ready for her next show.