This page contains our indoor workouts at the Metuchen Sportsplex at Metuchen New Jersey. Its a combination of older guys who are working towards getting workouts with a couple of NFL teams in the extreme near future and High School Football players and a soccer player. As this year ends and a new year begins shortly, the crew will increase in size and talent and i will be posting many videos of our work that will be done at this fine facility. STAY TUNED!!!

BELOW: In the video below is the beginning of our workouts at the Metuchen sportsplex. The footwork is not too bad but over time the speed, footwork and hip work will get much better. So as the winter goes on and by the time we go outside their footwork should be excellent.

BELOW: Still in the same day, the guys are not using their hips the way they should. Using more footwork to get around the cones instead of the hips. They will get better as time goes by for sure.

BELOW: Some of the younger guys are getting in the act. Two of the lineman in the crew and our skill guys. Not doing a bad job. 

BELOW: The young guys getting the work in. They will get better.

Below:  Vik the Russian gettin some footwork in the Metuchen sportplex. He is hoping to go to an open try out for Rutgers this year so he better get his 

              footwork right.

Below: The Crew gettin it in on a typical 6am saturday morning. 

Below:  The Crew on another Saturday Morning getting some footwork in. Disregard Steph. falling when he rotates his hips

Below: Some more footwork by the crew, just a little rusty however they will get better as the days go on.

Below: The young Crew is doing another variation of the circle and cone drill. Of course its their first time doing it so they are getting used to the drill. as 

              always the more they do the drill the better they will get at it.

Below: As we continue to find new ways to perform these drills they will get better and better. A little rough around the edges but they will get better.

Below:  The Crew is doing one of many drills we do using the circle in the middle of the field. Change of direction, speed and footwork involved in these

               drills. stay tuned.