In the pics below are some other of the equipment that we use at the gym.  Of the top three pics, The first is a picture of The Monolith. We use it to do our squats. The beauty of the Monolith is you do not have to step back like you do in squat racks. you simply stand up, the posts retract and you perform your squat. In the middle is another pic of the Monolith. The third pic on the top right is a pic of the Stand Up Hamstring Machine. We use this machine everyday and believe it or not this will reduce the chances of tearing up The ACL and MCL. 

 The above pic on the left is a pic of the Lat Pull Down Machine. We use this machine to do our Tricep work. The middle pic are the different bars we use to strengthen our triceps. The machine on the right is the Ab Machine however we use this machine to develop and strengthen our triceps. A demonstration of this exercise can be seen in the 2014 video portion of the site performed by Reggie of Reggie's Crew

The High Box

(top left):  Boards  help in the bench press. Each board works a different range of the bench press.

Kettle Bells: are used in a variety of exercises. At are facility they are used in the bench press, in rehabing shoulders, lower back strength,hip flexor and hamstring strengthening and a variety of other disciplines.

Blast Straps: develop overall core strength, from push up movements,lats,triceps,biceps and upper back. These straps will strengthen you and make your body hard.

Reverse Hyper: The ultimate hamstring, lower back and glute machine. Will develop each of those areas and will make you more explosive and will help to increase your speed.





On this page and the page preceding it are just some of the equipment that is used to make you a more dynamic and physically strong athlete. we combine power lifting techinques to improve football strength. It is a unique yet results oriented marriage. If you have any questions about how we use this equipment please feel free to contact us 24/7. We are at your disposal



 In order to get better expose yourself to people who

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and learn and maybe you just might

get better.

"Reggie Beard

( left): The Box  is used for speed work in the squat. It is used to    help you explode quickly and with more power after you sit and pause momentarily on  box. This is the higher of the boxes we have. Once you have mastered this box you will be trained on a lower box which is about twelve inches high. These boxes will strengthen your hip flexors, your glutes and your hamstrings to make you a more explosive athlete player.