This page will continue the summer outdoor workouts off our off season program. In addition to our skill work with the skill guys, we will be incorporating some of our linemen skill sets and some of our overall agility and conditioning workouts that we hold on a daily and weekly basis. We have picked up some more outstanding athletes' that want to be a part of the crew and we welcome them with open arms and look forward to making them college ready athletes'. So we hope you enjoy what you see below and as always if you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to use our contact page to give us the questions or feed back. So without further adue, the workouts.


Below: Ibrahim (Ish) is working on his footwork ie. 5step drops and the skill guys are running an 8yd out on the right hash. 

In this video Ish is still working on his 5 step drop from the right hash. He is throwing a 10 to 12 your out to the guys on the left. 

In the video below Ish continues to work on his 5step drop drills and now the guys are running a 12 to 15 yd in. The routes are not too bad but the guys are dropping balls all over the place in addition to lousy throws. Got to show the good with the bad. Thats how they get better. Oh well here goes! 

Here we are just trying to get a couple of swing passes to the backs. Aqeel Daniels (freshman) Wagner College and Jacari Carter Freshman to be at Seton Hall. As you can see we drop one of these too. A little too much spice on the ball and not enough belly for me.