Above flipping the big tire is our newest member of the Group. Brijon is a true freshman at Picataway High School in Piscataway NJ. He is 6'1 236lbs. Presently he is Projected to play Defensive End. I believe he is a classic Mike. Well we will see what the future brings. This page is a continuation of our summer skills workout. more footwork, more ball work. Different sets of drills to keep the workouts fresh and continued enhancement of their skills. So hopefully you'll get something out of them.


Below: the crew is performing a hip movement drill using cones and the hash marks. All i want to see is the guys swinging their hips around. No cuts, just swerving those hips. At the end of the drill they will make a couple of cuts and catch the football. 

Below: the crew is performing some quickness footwork, change of direction and ball work. They are doing this drill for the first time. They will get better as they more of the drill. This one is a little shaky, dropping passes and some not so good footwork. However you got to do bad to get better. 

Another day of hip movement drills. This day the footwork is somewhat better but we seem to be dropping passes. They'll get it together guess.

I got the drill below from some pros. Another footwork, change of direction and ball drill. The more they do the better they will get. 

The drill below I got from the University of Miami's Spring drill video. I liked it so much i decided to incorporate it into our routine. it combines speed, change of direction and flexibility. To complete the entire drill every cone must be touched. As you can see some of us don't meet that criteria. 

On this day we have just finished running the hill and we are on the grass so the footing is not real condusive to this drill. So we have to adjust our feet accordingly. One member of the crew does not have his cleats. Can you tell which one that is?? 

More Drills