Here are some more videos from the athletes 


(Below) Kenny Ridley dragging Chains and Kettle Bell


Donnell working Hip Flexors on 12inch Box with Chains. Wesfield HS. NJ/Junior WR 


Chris working on the Hip Flexors. 



Tall Corner working lower back w/Kettle Bell 


 Kyle gettin some Blast Strap work in


Vics's Mom squatting 275lbs. Not bad 


Chris working on the Deep Bar W/Kettle bells 


Simone B working on her Upper Body 


Steph working on Over Head Press with the Fat Bar 


Ish working on the Over Head Press w/Fat Bar 


Aqueel on the Jammer 


jamie The Ballet Dancer doing side lunges w/sled and Kettle Bells 



In this video Aqueel and Chris are making their hip flexors stronger and more flexible.

Here Aqueel and Chris will have their respective boxes removed and they must suspend

themselves until they here the command. Then they will switch boxes and repeat the same

movement. Each box is 12in. and the Kettle Bells are 80 and 88lbs respectively. 

                                                                    Know your weaknesses and your limitations. In order to get better you must

recognize that they are there. Then you can start to work on them

to get better. If you cannot overcome those limitations

then get better at what you are good at.

"Reggie Beard"