The following videos are are the older guys plus one. Stephaun Whitehead and Eli Lee. These guys hopefully will be playing in the CFL and the NFL respectfully. My job is to help them get to where they want to go. These videos will show some of the skill work at their positions to help them become better at those positions. So sit back and watch these two in action plus a couple of the college to be kids get some work in. Here we go....

Below: Steph is starting off doing some foot and hip movement drills and then into his backpedal and then to finish the drill off he is mimicking the come
             back to the outside drill.

Below: Steph and the crew are doing hip and footwork drills before they get into the route which is an out route.

Below: Eli is working on the footwork and hip drills and covering the slant.

Below: In this video Eli is working the drill and covering the out route.

Below: Eli makes a nice play on the ball in this particular rep of the drill.

Below: Same drills with an out. This time Steph drops the INT. well nobody is perfect, just got to keep working.

Below: Steph and the crew doing a nice job in the drill. Pretty good footwork and catching the football. not bad.

Below: And the drills continue.

Below: In the drill below Eli does a nice job with his footwork breaking on the comeback route but just can't get to the football. Nice effort though.

Below: I tried something a little different. The beginning of this drill is a little slower than i anticipated. Just trying to get them better

Below: This is one of the running backs in the Crew, Brandon Stout out of Seton Hill University in Pittsburgh.

Below: Different footwork then breaking into the in route.

Below: Just keep gettin it in.

Below:  This time Steph is doing a little different footwork in the drill and mimicking the post corner route.

Below: This drill Steph is in just his straight back pedal and mimicking the post corner route.

Below: breaking on the post route.

Below: Eli showing some good footwork and breaking on a short in route.

Below: I had to get one of the youngsters in on these videos. Brijon Junior out of Piscataway HS in Piscataway NJ. He is playing Defensive End on defense
              at his school at 6'1 and 244 he is a little small to play that position but he will make a great Mike. So that is what i am grooming him for.
Below: Steph is in straight back pedal here and makes a nice play on the post corner.

Below:  Here Brijon is performing some drop drills not too bad for a kid coming off of an ACL tear. He will get better with more and more work.