We have started our summer workouts earlier than usual. They usually don't start until the beginning of May to allow the college kids to come back and engage in the summer workouts. However we have started a month earlier to give the High School kids a little jump on the college kids. This year i am going to add a lot of our different workouts skill work and conditioning to give a good look and a good variety of what we do in the summer around here.

In the pic above is Mark Tyson, Senior at Temple University. Mark had an excellent pro day at Temple. he ran a 4.8 40, for a fullback at 5'11 245lbs is pretty damn good. He benched 225lbs 28 times which is outstanding. he had a 4.3 shuttle and vertical jump of 38".  He performed his drills and skill work flawlessly, ran all the routes with crispness and did not drop a pass. The New York Jets invited him to work out for him after the pro day and were very impressed with his performance. i have no doubt he will either get drafted in the later rounds or sign as a free agent. in any event he will be in somebodies camp. The other athlete pictured here is Ibrahim (Ish Mosaad). He will be attending Oregon in the fall and will walk on the team and compete at the quarterback position. There is no doubt in my mind he will do well there. Oh and by the way Mark was a walk on at Temple. My Motto: IT AIN'T WHERE YOU START, ITS WHERE YOU FINISH!

Without further ado here are the 2015 Summer Videos of Reggie's Crew:

                                                                                                                      "DO YOUR JOB"

                                                                                                              Don't let the job do you! 

                                                                                                           Because if you let the job do you

                                                                                                              you will be out of a Job.


                                                                                                                   " Reggie Beard"

In the following videos below are some of the qb drills Ish is performing this day. We only had three kids at this days workout because we did not start until 2:30 and it was too late for most of the kids to show up so i just took Ish and Jonathan the freshman lineman and Armond to help Ish out with his drills.

Below: Jonathan Torres the baby one of the babies of the group a freshman is performing his kick slide movements using the same directional cones as Ish is.  He has a ways to go be he has come a long way and hopefully he can help us out this year. 



Below:  Quarterback drills continue. The receiver this time in the video is Jacari Carter eighth grader who will be a freshman this upcoming season. Undecided where he will attend high school next year but he is a tremendous talent. As you know if you can't play can't train with us. A little undersized right now. He has been training with us now for almost two months with us now and he has gained 11lbs.  He will be a very good player before its all said and done. Hope you like.

Below: the crew is doing a drill that emphasizes sticking their foot in the ground, cutting and catching the ball. This is a drill we will work on everyday until they can stick that foot in the ground without taking choppy steps.  

In the video below we are still working on footwork and hips. 

And the drill continues.