If your mom and dad drop you off for your workout and they wait for you

                                                                                                             in the parking lot to get finished and your workout last about 45 min.

                                                                                                                to an hour then I hope you plan on being average because that's

                                                                                                                    all it takes to be average at best. It takes an 45min to an hour 

                                                                                                                        to be average, don't take long!!!!!!

                                                                                                                                     Good Luck With That!!!


This particular Saturday is the first official day of our summer workouts. In the videos below is the agility workouts after running the hills and Coach Mike Fullman's grueling agility workouts. There will be many more workout routines for you to see in the coming weeks. I make up a lot of the workouts on the fly as they are doing them. They hate that. So sit back as each week you will be observing how we go through our summer making top athetes'


BELOW: This is one of the drills we did indoors. Nice cutting, back pedaling,change of direction and sprint drills. As you can hear the ice cream truck in the background. Coach Mike is flagging it down when I came around the bend myself and Mike enjoyed ice cream. Coach Mike had a chocolate cone as I enjoyed a hot fudge sundae. We enjoyed our ice cream as we went into our next drill of them doing agilities and then running up the hill. The Crew did that drill until I finished my Sundae and might I add I took my time. ITS ALL GOOD!!!

BELOW: On this day the crew is large we got quite a bit of work in today. these drills are after 10 trips up the Notorious Hill. They still have a something left in the tank so we had them shuffle through and sprint back through the cones. Good Stuff. excuse me in the background.


In the drill below the Crew lines up in the middle of the cones and on the whistle they begin backpedaling. on command from the crew the one backpedaling open the hip to the side of the command, sprints to that cone, open the hip to the next cone, makes a sharp cut around the next cone and sprints to the finish line.


BELOW: another drill just off the top of my head. just a quick drill on the whistle shuffle keeping a good football position and on the second whistle sprint to the cone designated and get those hips around the cones and sprint to the finish line. A good made up drill

 In this video the Crew is shuffling and sprinting through the cones, we call it the Shuffle/Sprint Maze Drill. This is after 9 time up and down the Hill. So they appear to be a little sluggish doing this exercise. No excuse though they still have to go hard. After all it won't be any easier when they have the gear on!!!!


The drill below is simply called the L Drill. Sprint to the cone stick your foot in the ground and change direction. Good drill!


A lot of stuff going on in this drill. we have a sprint then a shuffle then a backpedal then a carioca then they have to sprint to a cone open the hip sprint to another cone then stick there foot in the ground and finish the drill.

 The drill below is what we call the mirror drill. It is done in the NFL Combine with the O-Lineman. However we do it with everyone. The Crew member on the left will react to which direction I point in. I am standing out of site to the Crew member opposite him. The crew member opposite him has to stay with him keeping him in front of him. On the first whistle the crew member on the left will shuffle to his left and the crew member on the right will shuffle to his left. On the second whistle the crew member shuffling to his left will sprint to the finish line. The crew member opposite him will open his hip and sprint to the finish line. Watch the drill.


Here the crew is shuffling and sticking the foot in the ground and sprinting to the finish line on the second whistle.


This is the last drill of this particular Saturday morning. The Crew is weaving backpedaling through some cones and then they must run up and down the hill and finish by weaving back through the cones. They did not finish real well, guess they were tired.

 Below: is the back pedal and change direction drill.  just trying to get some back pedal, some hip movement and some explosion out of the break

 In the drill below we are just doing another change of direction drill. Just trying to get movement.

Below is the crew doing one of Coach Mike's drills. The zig zag and touching the cone drills. You can see Little Carter on the side. He has just finished throwing up on the far sideline. He is re-hydrating himself, getting some rest and he finished the workout. He is going to be a great player. He survived this workout which is impressive. He is only 13yrs old. Great Job!!!