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BELOW: is the Crew's home, the Metuchen  Sportsplex. We are ecstatic to be there and get all of our field work in. We plan on being  in there for a very long time. we will be able to do field work at this  beautiful facility. We will also be holding football skills and conditioning camps throughout the summer, 7 on 7 contests. in addition we will be also offering NFL Combine Training for prospective Professional Athletes'.  We have already started our outdoor training inside the new facility and I will be displaying videos of our drills and skill work immediately.  Come on down! 215 Durham ave, Metuchen, New Jersey. See you there!

About Us

Our mission is to make stronger, faster and more explosive athletes. We perform power lifting disciplines that directly affect how you will perform on the field. Our daily workout routines are designed to make this happen quickly. We don't do body parts. We only do movements relative to your sport. We don't care how many muscles you have or what kind of six pack you have. Those things will not get you on the field. You will look great standing on the sideline, however you will not get on the field if you cannot play. We are here to make you the most dynamic  player you can be. If you are not serious about your craft then this venue is not for you. This workout is not for everybody. We wish you all the best in your search to be the best.


If you are ready to be stronger, faster and more explosive,  be able to compete at the next level then we are the place to be. We are proven and have many athletes who have played and are playing at the college and professional level. We are very serious about what we do and will only entertain serious minded athletes. So if you think you are ready,drop by anytime to see our facilities and learn more about our program - you can contact us here.

Our Program

We are experienced and are big on teaching you the fundamentals of our strength training methods so that you can perform like a beast on the field or on the court.  Our facility offers everything you need to be on top of your game. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to making you the strongest, fastest and most explosive athlete you can be. Hope to see you soon!



About Reggie Beard

Reggie Beard is a 1977 graduate of Cheyney State University. He has been in the professional football camps of the Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots respectively. He has coached at Roselle,Sayreville and Kearny High schools where he was the offensive coordinator,receivers coach and defensive coordinator respectively. At Roselle High school where he was the offensive coordinator, they made it to two state championship appearances taking it all in 1989. He also coached in the college ranks at New Jersey City University and Princeton University. During his career he has helped many student athletes get to college and the professional ranks. His training methods in the weight room and on the field are strictly sports specific that enhance and strengthen movements and optomize their performance in his or her sport. His goal is to help every student althlete who comes through this program realize the dream of playing at the next level.






Do not allow negative thoughts to enter your mind! For they are the weeds that strangle confidence.

Visualize success rather than failure. Believe I can do it rather than I can't.

Negative thoughts are overpowering only if you encourage them and

allow yourself to be overpowered by them

"Bruce Lee" 





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