So you want to be D1

1.      Are you coachable?

2.      Are you unselfish?

3.      Do you listen?

4.      Are you focused?

5.      Can you stay focused?

6.      Are you easily distracted?

7.      Can you take criticism?

8.      Do you make excuses?

9.      Can you stay Positive?

10.   Are you a moper?

11.   Are you disciplined?

12.   Can you work hard all the time?

13.   Can you do things others are not doing?

14.   Do you pay attention to details?

15.   Do you always talk about how good you are?

16.   Do you work on your weaknesses?

17.   Do you even know what your weaknesses are?

18.   Can you work through pain?

19.   At what cost of your time and effort are you willing to be a collegiate athlete?

20.   Are you an explainer?

21.   Can you do what you are supposed to do without being told?

22.   Can you handle adversity and make it positive?

23. Can you turn your idle time into making you better?

24.   Do you know your true ability as an athlete?

Do you have the drive, determination, will and the discipline to answer all of these questions honestly? If no then you

have little chance of being any kind of athlete let alone a Division I athlete. Not 90 percent, not 95 percent, 100 percent honest

answers to these questions. Think about it real hard because it is real hard. 


They may be stronger than you, they may be faster than you, they may even be more talented. However they will never ever


Reggie Beard/Ron Allen  

It is said that all athletes should be treated

the same but not equal, which athlete

are you????