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                      THEN I MIGHT LISTEN!!

              "Reggie Beard"



In the following videos you will see the crew as always working to get

those hips, hamstrings and Glutes stronger and more flexible. Here as

in the subsequent videos you will see one member of the crew doing a

set of eight reps with one of the Kettle Bells while the other member of

the crew will be holding his Kettle Bell in a parallel stance until he hears

the command, TIME! Then he will sit back on the box. The guys will then

switch and the one who was doing the eight reps will now be parallel

with the Kettle Bell while the other crew member will do the eight reps.

Each box is approximately 12in. While the Kettle Bells weigh 88 and 80lbs




 Donnell (on the left)  Chris (on the right)



Below: Aqueel and Matt


Kyle and Steph


Steph doing high knees with 150lbs of chains

In the next two videos the crew will be doing lower back work with the Kettle Bells.

 Feet together and straight and they will go three quarters of the way down using

only their lower back they will stand up and then go down touching the floor with

the KettleBell. That will be one rep. they will repeat the movement for eight reps

then switch Kettle Bells. Then they will switch Kettle Bells and repeat the exercise.

This will undoubtedly burn however a strong lower back will be had.



Below: Ish (on the left) Kyke (on the right)


Aqueel (on the left) Chris (on the right)



In the two videos below Ish is working on his hip flexors using a three

Kettle Bells and a 12in box with pads. The first video he start with the

88lb Kettle Bell for a set of 8, then a pad will be taken away and he will

be given the next Kettle Bell which is 80lbs.and he will do another set

of 8. Then for the last set he will have another pad taken away and will

do his last set of 8 with the 44lb Kettle Bell. In the video following this

one below he will repeat the process starting with the 44lb Kettle Bell

however he will start with only two pads and the final set will just be

the box. Hope you understand all of that.



In this video Stacey is squatting 295lbs she is not quite parallel but she is

close. Can't tell how close she is because some BIG LUG is hogging up all

the light. In any event not bad for a young lady who is only 145lbs. She

will get lower its only a matter of time.



In the following videos you will see more hip, hamstring and Glute

develpment. The crew will be pulling chains with a strap. They will

be alternating hands while back pedaling and then opening up the

hips to both sides respectively.  Good exercise for the aforementioned

body areas and also displaying some athleticism. I like this drill



Kyle doing the BPOH drill


Steph doing the BPOH drill 


Matt doing the BPOH drill 


Jamie the Ballet Dancer working the hips w/sled and Kettle Bell 

In these next videos The Crew will be working with The Boards on their

Bench Press.  Each board will work the different ranges of their bench to help 

them get stronger. If you remember, in the equipment portion of the site

you saw all the different boards for this exercise. now you will see them at

work in these videos.  First you will see them starting with a four board

for three reps and the will work their way down to a one board. later on

you will see them start with a one board and work their way up to the four 

board. Interesting work. Watch!!


Steph working doing Board work 


Chris doing some Board work 

Aqueel doing some Board work

Donnell doing some Board work. he struggled a bit did not get the last
board but he will get better. No doubt.

Ish doing Board work. Did not finish the whole exercise. He too struggled
 a little bit. He will be ok though. He is after all a quarterback!!!

Kyle getting the Board work in.

Aqueel doing board work. He will do 1 thru 4  225lbs

Chris doing Board work. he will do boards 1 thru 4 for a single and the do
4 thru 1 for singles. A total of 8 reps, 275lbs,

Steph will be doing the same routine as Chris with the boards. He will
be working with 285lbs,


Chris working with the safety bar for two reps at 330lbs

 Stacey deadlifting 295lbs. Nice Job!!!

Stacey deadlifting 305lbs. Stacey is 145lbs. She is doing a great job!!!

Ish working on the safety bar at 330lbs. Could be a little lower. he is a HS QB for crying out loud!!

Steph working with the safety bar three plates

Gene the new Crew doing the safety bar two plates. He is coming off and ACL tear. Not bad!

Below is Ish working the hamstrings with bands. Excellent for the hammies

and believe it or not helps cut down on Acl and Mcl injuries. 

 As I indicated in the picture gallery in Stevie's first week with us he could not even do the 55lb bar. This is week two and he is already

doing a 35lb plate on each side. Here is the video.

Below is Little Stevie's Third week and he is now doing a plate on each side. From not being able to squat the 55lb bar to
squatting 145lbs in his third week. A true a achievement. He is a 14yr old freshman wide receiver and his first time ever in the
weight room. He came everyday to work to get better in the weight room and on the field. at 97lbs and 5'7 his work ethic will take
him far. He came all the way From Raleigh NC to work with crew we are honored to have him with us for this short time. Good Work Stevie!!!

G-man First day with Bar/Chains and Kettle Bells. watch for more to

come more chains and bigger kettle bells 

Charles Arnold of Reggie's Crew from Virginia. Freshman at Rochester CC

Running Back Squatting 495lbs. Would like to see him go just a little deeper.

Excellent job though. 


G=Man stepping it up a little. Last week it was one chain and two 25lb kettle bells

This week its fifty pounds of chains and two 44lb kettle bells for a total of 233 lbs.

doing forward lunges. Stay tuned! 





"Reggie Beard"