On this page you will see the strength program we have been working with since november. On this page you will see a variety of exercises that will use a variety of implements such as chains, boards, bands etc. All these can be seen on the equipment page here on the website.  This training is designed to enhance the athletes strength, explosion and flexibility.  By the end of August these athletes will be ready to compete in their respective sports.  This is the real deal. well sit back and enjoy the page. Hope you learn something.

Below: This day in the gym which is an assistance day Aqeel Daniels (Wagner) University is doing over head sit down shoulder press. 

Below: Ronnie Spears (Edison HS) in NJ and James Stewart (Edison HS) NJ are also doing Sit down over head shoulder press. 

Ziq Daniels below  (QB Edison HS) NJ. is doing the over head shoulder press exercise. Ziq is the starting QB for Edison HS. He started as a freshmen. He will be a sophmore this upcoming season. 

in the video below, Hunter is performing the over head shoulder press standing up with the fatbar. Hunter attends (Scotch Plains HS in NJ. Hunter is a sophmore offensive Lineman. Oh and by the way each chain is 25lbs.

Ziq the QB is performing the overhead shoulder press the fat bar along with the chains. 

Below: On this day the Crew is doing a Max effort Bench day with Kettle Bells. The smaller guys will be using the 15lb Kettle Bells and the big guys will using the 42lb Kettle bells. They will also be using a three board in the exercise as well. In this Video Jacari Carter who is going to be a freshman at Seton Hall is up first.. 

Ronnie Spears below: Is doing a 35lb plate with the 15lb Kettle Bells, his first time performing the exercise. His first time, he hits the first one but struggles on the second one. not bad. 

Jonathan Torres below is doing a  35lb  plate with the 42lb Kettle Bells. Jonathan is a freshman at Edison HS in Jersey.

Below: Ibrahim (Ish) Mosaad is doing 245lbs with the 42lb Kettle Bells. 329lbs on the three board. 



In the videos below the crew is doing max effort squats with resistance bands. Depending on how tall you are these bands have a tension of 75lbs. The first kid up is a new member of our crew, James Stewart. James is a transfer from Sayreville HS in New Jersey. He is doing bands for the first time and is squatting 275lbs. A little shaky but not bad for the first time.


Below: Ronnie Spears Sophmore Edison HS in Jersey and a new member of the crew is also squatting with bands for the first time. Here his doing 195lbs not including the bands.  He should point his toes outward a little more. Not bad for the first time. he'll get better.


Brijon below is another new member of the crew. Brijon is a freshman at Piscataway HS in New Jersey. He is extremely talented. He just turned 15. He is 6'1 244lbs. He is doing a plate with the bands. Bri has to work on his form and getting much lower in the hole.


Below: Brandon Artis is the brother of Brijon in the above video. Brandon is a senior at Seton Hill University outside of Pittsburgh. As a junior he rushed for over a 1000yds. He is tremendously talented as well and another new member of the crew. Here he is squatting 285lbs with the bands. His form and explosion are pretty good.  This is his first time using the bands as well.  On his next attempt he did 315lbs with the bands. Not too shabby.


Below:  Jeremy Gaskins just graduated from St. Joseph's in Metuchen, Carl Townes alma mater, basketball player and is on his way to Hofstra University

is squatting 285lbs excluding the bands. Just a little unstable but nonetheless a pretty decent job.


Jacari Carter below is the smallest and the youngest member in the crew.  He might be the strongest member pound for pound in the crew.  At 132lbs his max squatt is 255lbs. Jacari is in the 8th grade and he is tremendously talented and of course they cannot be here if they cannot play.  He is on his way to Seton Hall Prep in South Orange New Jersey. Jacari is squatting a plate with the bands.  He can stand to get in the hole a little lower but for a kid his size and for his first time doing bands, its impressive.


Jonathan Torres another young member of the crew. A freshman lineman for Edison HS. Jonathan here is squatting 285lbs with the bands. He can get in the hole a little lower but I am ok with it.


ish the quarterback is squatting 275lbs with the bands.