This page will bed dedicated to the basketball players. I have my first two basketball players in the crew now and they are a couple of good ones. The first is Jimir Harris. jimir is a junior at St Pats now know as The Patrick School. The second player is Mike Vick who is a senior at East Brunswick HS.

Jimir is rated as one of the top two guards in the state and is ranked in the top twenty juniors in the country.  Already he has offers from Seton Hall, Rhode Island, Minnesota, East Carolina, USC and Stanford. He has been working with us for almost two months now and he progress is very good. Mike is a senior and he has offers from Moravian, Newark Rutgers, Arcadia so far. I will keep you updated on their progress and offers. This page will display what they are learning in the program along with their basketball progress. Here we go!!


Below: Jimir Harris is working out in the gym. This is how the big time athletes do work. If you aspire to go to college and possibly to the next level, then this is the kind of work you have to put in. BEHOLD!!!

Below: On this day Jimir is doing the circuit. He goes through about 7 times. He works each machine for 8 reps machine after machine and then he starts

              over again.  Every once in a while we will do the circuit. 

Below: Mike Vick Senior Point Guard at East Brunswick High School in East Brunswick New jersey is working on his upper body with the leg machine. we have converted legs exercises on this machine to use upper body work. 

Below: Mike Vick is working on the Jammer which the football players generally use for explosion from the hips. The Crew's basketball players have begun using it and are starting to jump out of the gym. This is the best machine for pure explosion. No Doubt!!!!! 

Below: Jamir Harris them member of the  crew who plays guard at THE PATRICK SCHOOL Who  is one of the premier guards in the country is doing his thing in Florida during christmas break 12/21/2015.

Below: Jamir doing his thing in the tournament in Florida. Bigger stronger and faster. The real deal!!! 

Below: Jamir and the Jumper!! 

 Jamir harris The Basketball Player getting his strength on, doing some 4 board work in.

 Below: Jamir Harris and the St. Patrick School has just beaten Roselle Catholic in the Union County Tournament Final. jamir had a very good game 

              defensively and scored 14pts in the final. Nice Job!!!

Below: This is a special pic for me because my man who i have not seen in over a decade is in this pic and i did not even know he was related to my

              my man and his family! My man ,Donnie Harris the gentleman with the peace sign, thats my man we went to the league together. He went

              to the Redskins and i  Went to the Cowboys. We used to workout together at Warnaico Park in Roselle. Of course the young guy in the middle 

              with the yellow hoodie is Jebron Harris on the left is Jamir Harris one of the nations top shooting guards. Nine offers. Nest to him is Jaquan 

              Harris one of the nations top 6 graders and he is almost as tall as jamir. Great Family