This page contains the Crew and the last workouts of the year 2014. 9 grueling months of workouts 6 to 7 days a week. They have worked very very hard and I am sure there are not too many kids in the country who have worked as hard and as often as they have. That is why when they leave for their respective college and high school camps they will breeze through all of the strength, conditioning and skills tests that will be thrown at them. That's for sure!!!

 Allow me to introduce the part of the crew who made the final workout of the 2014 workout season:

Starting from left to right in the white shorts and red socks is Aqeel Daniels. Aqeel will be attending Wagner University. Next to him is Kyle Boyer Tucker. Kyle will be attending American International College in Mass. Next is Andre Yates. Andre is a senior at Edison HS, Edison NJ. Next is Austin. Austin will be attending Florida International University in Florida. The second row in the orange shirt and blue shorts is Christian Appia. He will be attending UMass. next to Christian is always on time Matt. Matt is our only soccer player and he will be playing professional soccer Norway. Next to Matt is Jonathan one of two freshman in the crew. Jonathan is a freshman at Edison HS. Next to him is Anthony Roberts and he will be attending Bakersfield college in Bakersfield California. In the last row from left to right is Malik, he will be attending Globe College in New York. Next to Malik is Ziq. Ziq is a freshman Quarterback at Edison HS and has been moved up to the varsity to compete for a starting position. Next to Ziq is Ibrahim (Ish) Mosaad. Ish will be attending Dakota college in North Dakota and last but not least is Donnell Wright. Donnell will be attending the University of Nebraska.

 Above: Is the crew taking a much deserved rest after going through the cones. From left to right is Amir/South Brunswick HS, South Brunswick NJ, next is Aqeel/ Wagner University, next is  Ish Dakota College,North Dakota, next is the pro soccer kid Matt. plays in Norway, next is Donnell/Nebraska, next behind him is Blake/Wagner University, next is Mark/Temple University, next is Ziq the freshman at Edison HS, next is Kyle Boyer Tucker, American International University and last but not least K.C./Kean University.

 Above: The two quarterbacks at Edison HS.  finishing up one of the quarterback drills. As you can see Ziq walking back with his head down tired I guess from the drill. Could use better body language keeping his head up and hustling back to the start of the drill. Well he is just a freshman I guess. LOL Kyle T. the other QB waiting patiently his turn.

two menbers of the crew getting some crawls in before they have to sprint to the cones on the other end. Aqeel and his brother Ziq... 

The Crew is taking a break from one of coach Fullman's cone drills. Mind you this after running 13 of those monstrous hills. the absolute bottom of the hill is in the background. Looks very unassuming until your ass starts running up that thing. its NO JOKE. 

Above: The crew is in the shuffle mode drill. sorry for the blurry pic but you get the gist. 

In this video they have to find the right angle and make a series of cuts and then sprint at the end. this is a nice drill you can see who is athletic. 

In the above drill, this drill gives the guys the opportunity to get some change of direction work some cutting work and some catching the ball skils. in addition to some excellent cardio work.  This is a great drill for the skill guys it has a combination of different drills all rolled into one.

EPILOGUE:  This brings us to the end of another incredible and highly successful off season workout. Many thanks to the crew who showed up everyday, every week and every month to get better and become a better athlete and person. As a result of all the work that they have put in they are all headed off to their respective colleges universities and High Schools in better condition, stronger, faster and more explosive then those who did not put the work in. So until the end of the 2014 season which will go by quick, everybody have a great season and see everybody next offseason. PEACE!!!!