Below: Mo one of the new additions to the crew. Mo is a graduate from Indiana University. she is working toward the Olympics. Mo throws the hammer, the Shot Put and the Discus. She is the truth and strong as hell. She Squats 455lbs, she front squats 385lbs and she Power Cleans 250lbs. All impressive numbers. She needs some work on her bench press which i am working with her on. I am sure she will get stronger in that area all which will make her a more explosive and more powerful thrower. Stay tuned for more videos from Mo. Olympics watchout!!!

 Below:  Is Maureen and Cami doing some speed work on the box. They are doing 8 sets of two reps, no rest in between.

 Below: Maureen the bikini model whose show is May the 2nd is pin pulling 365lbs of the 5 pin. This is set number 10. her first time doing heavy pin pulls.


Below: Cami another female member of the group is also pulling 365lbs on the 5 pin. This is her first time ever doing pin pulls and she is moving a lot

              of weight.

Below: Kyle Boyd Tucker and one of the kids from Ohio are getting some hip flexor work in with chains.



Below: On the far left Jonathan a freshman at Edison HS in Jersey and Andrew Roberts a junior and the starting QB for JFK HS in islein NJ are getting 

             some Hip Flexor work in with chains. Andrew is being recruited by Ohio University and Cincinnati respectively. An oustanding QB. Has to get 

             stronger. He'll be fine.

In the video below i decided to at a little twist to our friday speed squat on the box routine. i decided to add kettle bells and a chain to the bar. My intention was to add some weight after they warmed up with just the bar. The weight with just the bar, kettle bells and the to chains is 244lbs. After watching them warm up with just this i decided adding weight was not a good idea. Watching them wabble and lose balance as a result of not controlling the weight was not a good look. This is intended to help with stablelizers and balance by controlling the weight. So this is the video is the last of eight sets and if you watch carefully they still are a little shaky. Its ok they will get better, just keep working.


Below: jacari Carter one of the newest and youngest member of the crew is pin pulling 275lbs off the 4 pin. Jacari is 129 he has put on 8 lbs since starting with us. First time pin pulling and at 129lbs pulling 275lbs off the 4 pin, not bad for the young fella. He is a tremendous athlete. Don't believe me check out his youtube.

Below: On this day we were getting ready to do some assistance work and these three Russian guys were in our work area. The guy in the video whose name is Kote Janishia, you tube him. he started throwing some weight around in the gym and mind you no belts suits wrist wraps, nothing. He put on 720 lbs on the deadlift, well just watch. Oh and by the way he is only 23yrs old.

Below: Two of the older members of  the crew decided to join the boys in doing some Hip Flexor work. Instead of using the kettle bells they wanted to use a 45lb and a 35lb plate respectively. They survived.