If you are scared to train hard then you are scared to be great.

If you don't desire to do your best then you are destined

to mired in mediocrity. being mediocre is easy

just keep doing what you are doing you

will achieve mediocrity, its that simple 

"Reggie Beard"

Below: Ibrahim (Ish) Mosaad senior at Edison Hs heading to North Dakota is doing  one of three Tricep exercises we perform after our speed bench workout. Here he is doing our four bar Tricep exercise. Ish will do three sets of eight with each bar increasing the weight after each set. The total amount of reps in this exercise is 96. i believe i indicated 196 in the video. however that is inclusive of the Tricep exercise with the Ab machine below which is done right after this exercise.

Below: Christian Da Castro Sophomore Center at Edison Hs is performing the four bar Tricep exercise. 

Below:   Reggie of Reggie;s Crew is demonstrating the tricep exercise on the Ab Machine. 


In the video below we are doing something new. I call it the CHEATS! The premise is that there a lot of guys who say they bench but don't always bring the bar to their chest.  I decided to incorporate all of the ways those guys don't bring the bar all the way down to their chest. You will see  all the different ways in this video.


Donnell Wright doing a set of the Cheats. Just changing things up a little bit. This one set is 12 reps. Its pretty tough.


Below: Ish is doing what we call illegal wides.  In this exercise the grip is much wider than normal which makes the bench press much harder. He is using the one board because this is the part of the bench press where he is having problems. Ish has 265lbs on the bench.


Below: Donnell Wright who is headed to the University of  Nebraska is also doing a set of Illegal wides with the 1 Board.


Below:  Ibrahim(Ish) Mosaad who is head for North Dakota is squatting on a max effort day. This day he is using Kettle Bells and Chains. Ish has worked his way up to a plate and two 10lb plates on set number 12. The total weight with Kettle Bells and Chains is 319lbs. Not bad on set number 12.


Below: Donnell Wright who is headed for the University of Nebraska is doing set number 12 on squat max effort day with Kettle Bells and Chains. Donnell is just a little high but who the hell cares he is a football player not a power lifter no meets in his future. Still a nice effort.


Below:  The newest member of the crew Is Jared. Affectionately known as the FRESHMAN this is his first time Squatting with the crew. In fact this is his first time squatting. The 15yr old is impressive in his debut.  He is going to be a very good football player. He is loaded with talent it just has to be refined. Here he is squatting 235lbs for the first time. He surprised all of us and judging from this squat he has about 265 to 276lbs in him. Plenty of time for that though. all in all this his very impressive for his first time under the bar. Nice Job!!!!  Oh by the way the big poluka behind him Reggie of Reggie's Crew


Below: Donnell Wright is doing Box Squats on a 12 inch Box.  Donnell started with eight pads on this box. after each set a pad was removed.  He has performed 8 sets of two reps with each pad and now he is down to the box which is 12inches, not bad.

 Below: Ish is performing the same squat movement as Donnell doing the last set of the squat on a 12inch Box

 Below:  Matt who is our soccer player in the group who actually is the first soccer player I have ever trained and he has signed a professional contract in Norway to play soccer is also sitting on this 12inch box. This exercise builds explosion, strength and flexibility in the hips which is needed regardless of the sport.

Below: Ish is performing hamstring exercises with the mini bands that we use in are speed bench workout. it is very important that the hamstrings are being worked everyday as weak hamstrings are one of the main reasons guys blow out their ACL'S. Weak hamstrings!! not many athletes' work on their hamstrings oh a daily basis. We here at STRENGTH SPEED AND EXPLOSION, we do every single day!!!



 (Below) Here the crew is doing 4 sets of lower back Kettle Bell work for the lower back. They must keep their legs straight and together and only use that lower back to stand up. The first Kettle Bell weighs in at 42lbs, the second Bell weighs in at 71lbs, the third Kettle Bell weighs in at 80lbs and the last Kettle Bell weighs in at 42lbs. This workout is all you need for the entire day for your lower back.