Below: is Jamie squatting on a box using chains. Jamie dances Ballet in the City. New York City that is.


Chris Is using the Jammer to become stronger and more explosive.


Viktor is using the Fat Bar for his benching this day.


Ish is using two 44lb Kettle Bells to strengthen his lower back. Ish is a Junior Quarterback.


Steph dragging 150lbs if Chains and 44lb Ketlle Bell


Nadia gettin the Hip Flexor workout in on the 12in. Box with the Chains and Kettle Bell 


Aqueel doing the ultimate Hip Flexor workout


Kyle working the Hip Flexors w/Chains and Kettle Bell. Edison HS. NJ/Junior WR/DB 


Chris working triceps with chains 


Steph working the Glutes and Hams w/Kettle Bell


Chris working hard on the Floor Press 


Jeyven working Over Head press w/Fat Bar   


Steph doing quick feet dragging chains w/Kettle Bells 


Ish doing high knees with Chains and Kettle Bells (Struggling) smile


Kyle doing work on the Jammer 


Kyle and Steph working 12in boxes for strengthening and getting hip flexors

more flexible. In this video the boxes will be removed and the Kyle and Steph

have to remain parallel or below. On command again the boxes will be put back.

They will then switch boxes and Kettle Bells and repeat the exercise.



Donnell using the leg machine to make his upper body stronger 


Ish using the leg machine to makes his upper body stronger 




                                                                                           In order to achieve victory you must place yourself in your opponent's skin.

                                                                                                 If you don't understand yourself, you will lose one hundred percent

                                                                                                     of the time. If you understand yourself, you will win fifty percent

                                                                                                       of the time. If you understand yourself and your opponent,

                                                                                                           you will win one hudered percent of the time

                                                                                                                                   -TSUTOMU OSHIMA 

 Note: If you have any quesions about the workings of these exercises, again do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.